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Another common issue is the text on the screen is covering the "Next" button, not allowing the user to continue the course.  This larger text may also run off the page.

To adjust the text size, you will need to start Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Then locate the menu bar across the upper left side of the browser, as shown below.

Then click on View.  A menu will appear below View.  Click on the option for Text Size.

Another menu will appear to the right of Text Size.

Click on the option for Medium.  This will set the text size to the correct size when using our training courses.

To test to see if the text size is correct, watch the following text as you change the text size.  If the text is larger then the Normal text size image, you will need to adjust the text size to match the text size of the image.

If this text size is larger then the image to the right, you will need to lower your text size. 




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