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Saving Course Progress
Course progress is saved as you progress through the course. If you need to leave the program at anytime, click on the “Exit” button on the course screen. This will take you to the Exit & Options menu. Then click on the “Save Progress and Exit Course” button to save your progress. Course progress is saved from the last section you completed. If you exit the course within an uncompleted section, only your progress in that section will be lost. You cannot exit a course if you are in the middle of a Module Review or the course Final Review.

Course Progress Problems/Not Saving
If you feel you were further ahead than the course progress is showing, either you have lost connection to the online database or your Temporary Internet Files folder might need to be cleaned out. Click on the link to learn How to Clean Out My Temporary Internet Files folder. The next time you take the course, your progress should be saving correctly. If it is not saving correctly, please contact us and we will assist you via email or phone call.



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